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Blown and Damaged Windows

Ever wondered what causes the mist between windows?

Perhaps you have some windows like this in your home?

The fogging can seem to get worse then go away, then come back. It can be particularly bad in colder weather, this is a big indication that you have what is called a ‘blown seal’.

Moisture can collect between a broken or faulty seal in a double-glazed panel. This is when condensation can appear causing the window to look cloudy.

Why is this happening to my windows?

Normally failed double glazing can be put down to poor workmanship, poor quality fitting if the window seal becomes ‘blown’ less than a year after installation.

However, as nothing really lasts forever, it is completely normal for double glazed units to fall into disrepair after 10-15 years.

The varying temperature over the months of the year from hot to cold can cause the seals in window units to expand and contract, and overtime window seals will fail.

Cracked Windows

Similarly, if you have an unexplained crack in your window, this can also cause problems with the window unit seal.

Apart from the obvious cause of a cracked or smashed window (accidental damage). Sometimes cracks can appear in a window with no obvious cause.

Have you ever put a very hot dish into cold water? Sometime the stress from this rapid temperature change can cause the dish to crack or break completely.

The same thing can happen to windows, this is called a stress crack, this happens for a similar reason to the dish in the cold water, dependant on the differing temperatures that the window is exposed to this can cause the window to expand/contract and overtime the glass can become compromised and a crack can form.

Because windows can break in extremely cold weather, it is vitally important to have these replaced quickly.

What can happen if I don’t get this sorted?

There are a few things that can happen if you leave blown and cracked windows as they are. Danger of moisture seeping in through the seals, leaky windows when it rains, or when the condensation drips. The moisture from this is an ideal breeding ground for mould, which is proven to be bad for your health, this moisture can also spread to the plaster and wallpaper surrounding the window unit causing an issue with damp and mould on your internal walls, cracks could spread, eventually causing the window to break completely.

As a tenant, there isn’t much you can do yourself to fix the problem of a blown or cracked window, the responsibility for this lies with your landlord or housing association.

However, as we see in a lot of cases, you ask for the problem to be fixed and you get ignored, you keep trying and still, nothing!

This is where Tenant Housing Repair Rights can help, please contact us today if you have a problem with disrepair in your home and see how we can help.


Have you been asking your landlord to fix issues at your home?

Have they failed to repair them?

In a few simple steps, Tenant Housing Repair Rights can assess if you have grounds to make you landlord repair your home. We provide a completely free services and will put you in touch with the our friendly legal professionals, who will ensure you get the repairs done to you home you deserve.

Register you details and information about the items you have been asking your landlord to repair.


You can be sure we won’t use your information for marketing purposes.


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