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Mr Jones from Manchester

Mr Jones from Manchester was having issues with mould and damp in his rented home.

After contacting his Social Housing Association for assistance several times for help in resolving the issues, he found that nothing was getting done and the problem was getting worse.

Worried for the health of his family, and desperate for help, Mr Jones decided to contact a solicitor that specialises in Housing Disrepair.

Within a few weeks a very sympathetic and friendly surveyor from Chancery Associates came out to do a full housing disrepair inspection of Mr Jones’s home.

The report found that Mr Jones had more than £1000 worth of damages and issues, the solicitor helped Mr Jones get justice and he won his case.

Mr Jones’s home was rectified of all issues without costing him a penny!

If you have similar problems and issues in your home, don’t delay, contact us today to see how we can help you! Don’t suffer in silence!


Have you been asking your landlord to fix issues at your home?

Have they failed to repair them?

In a few simple steps, Tenant Housing Repair Rights can assess if you have grounds to make you landlord repair your home.

We provide a completely free services and will put you in touch with the our friendly legal professionals, who will ensure you get the repairs done to you home you deserve.

Register you details and information about the items you have been asking your landlord to repair.


You can be sure we won’t use your information for marketing purposes.


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