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Is your home Winter ready?

Winter is here, dark nights, freezing temperatures, wet and windy weather.
When we leave the house, we wrap up warm, hat, scarf, gloves, umbrella and a thick coat.

So, if we spend that much time getting ourselves winter ready, why not our homes!?

There are some small things you can do now to help protect your home from the unpredictable British Winter weather. In the long run, you could end up saving money and time in the future, and who doesn’t like saving money and saving time?

Here are a few pointers that will help your home become winter ready:

  • Woodwork – Make sure any exposed woodwork on the outside of your house is protected, water damage to wood can cause it to rot and decay, which means replacing sooner, instead make it last with a coat of varnish or a waterproof wood paint.
  • Roof – Simply, check for loose or damaged tiles. If there are any, replace them, loose or damaged tiles are just an open invitation for water to get into your home causing a host of all sorts of unwanted problems in the future.
  • Guttering and Drains – Clear any blockages, remove any vegetation, check the joints and downpipes are connected properly. Blocked guttering can cause flooding and even issues with the external rendering of your property, which could then lead to penetrating damp! It is like a domino effect!
  • External – Check the chimney stack for any gaps or cracks, again, this is an easy way for water to find its way into a home if not sealed properly. Brickwork/pointing/rendering – again, any loose bricks, gaps, cracks in the external walls of your property can cause water to seep in. Arrange as soon as possible for these to be fixed.
  • Ventilation – Check all your extractor fans are working as they should. When colder temperatures begin, this can make condensation inside our homes a lot more common, as we heat our homes from the inside, yet the outside is being hit with freezing temperatures. Condensation in itself is quite normal, but there are things you can do to prevent the problem from getting worse such as: keep lids on saucepans when cooking, do not dry clothes on radiators, instead use a clothes horse, use extractor fans whilst cooking or using the shower/bath, open a window occasionally during the day for extra ventilation.
  • Doors and Windows – Check all the frames and masonry, during the year, temperatures can go from hot to cold, cold to hot, this causes door and window frames to expand and contract, only slightly, but sometimes this can cause them to deteriorate over time, so check the weather sealing between the frames. If you have noticeable gaps, then arrange for them to be resealed as soon as possible, this will save money on your heating bill as heat isn’t escaping as easy, and colder air isn’t able to seep in, not to mention any leaks from downpours.
  • Garden and drives – Cut back overgrown vegetation near to your external walls, this will prevent water penetration. If you have issues with surface water (puddles) in your garden, drive or path then this could become a problem if the water does not drain away sufficiently, as the rainwater can find its way to your external walls. Make sure to clear away any build up of leaves, twigs, branches etc so that water can easily be drained away from the house and not towards it.


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