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Should you use bleach to kill mould?

Should you use bleach to kill mould?

The short answer is no.

You may have come across some mould somewhere in your house, and you think to yourself, ‘well I can clean that with a bit of bleach, bleach kills everything! Right?!’ Wrong.

Bleach is a chemical, it is corrosive, the gas from bleach can damage your lungs, if it touches your skin it burns. So, you can see why most people grab the bleach when it comes to getting rid of pesky mould around the house.

Bleach can in fact make the problem with mould a lot worse, you see, bleach may get rid of the discoloration on your walls (black, green spots etc) but it does not kill the microflora (spores), it feeds it. This allows the mould discoloration to return in the exact same spot you wiped it away!

Any mould that is killed by bleach leaves behind hazardous mycotoxins (dead mould spores that are still a health hazard). And bleach has been proven to be linked to health problems in domestic environments such as flu, respiratory illnesses, and pneumonia in children.

The problem with scrubbing away mould is that you are disturbing the mould spores, these spores are the released into the air, which could then spark inflammation internal making it easy for infections to take hold.

The best way to remove mould is with a natural remedy, some good alternatives to bleach are laundry boosters (i.e. borax) or white vinegar.

However, we do not recommend that you clean it yourself if you have a large amount of mould in your home. You should inform your landlord or housing association, so that a professional can come in to remove the mould before it becomes a serious threat to your health.

If your landlord or housing association inform you to clean the mould yourself with bleach, then you now have the knowledge to refuse and explain why.

And if you have no luck with your landlord or housing association carrying out this task, then you must get in contact with us as soon as possible to see how we can help. Mould is extremely dangerous to your health, especially the elderly, babies and children and people who already have a low immune system or respiratory illnesses.


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