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The decorating ritual

December is upon us, so for most of us that means the annual struggle to dig the Christmas decorations out from the loft or under the stairs.

The nights get darker, you find yourself going out less and spending more time indoors, you start to look around your home at the little jobs that need doing before you have family over for the festive period.

Perhaps your living room could do with a new lick of paint, or perhaps some new wallpaper altogether might look nice? Maybe a new rug, or carpet?

But what if when you peeled that wallpaper back, you noticed the wall seems a bit damp?
Or what if you look around your windows and see mould growing?
Or maybe, this has been happening each year, but you keep wiping it away and hoping it won’t come back.

Perhaps you received some free Loft and or Cavity Wall Insulation?!
At Tenant Housing Repair Rights we are finding that more and more people each year have been terribly affected by poorly installed or failed Insulation!


How do you know if your Cavity Wall Insulation has failed?

Damp and mould growth are top of the list for signs of failed cavity wall insulation.
So, If you have noticed these in your home, then chances are your cavity wall insulation has failed.

It would be easy to turn a blind eye and hope that wiping the mould away will fix the problem. But it won’t, it will come back, and the problem will only get worse the longer it is left.

Damp and mould can have serious consequences to your health if left long enough, this includes flu, higher chances of infections such as colds and coughs, pneumonia in young children and the elderly, and people with low immune systems or respiratory problems are at a very high risk.

However, don’t fret, as there is a solution to every problem. Here at Tenant Housing Repair Rights, we specialise in seeking out the root cause of these damp and mould problems and providing you with the answers.

If you or someone you know are dealing with these symptoms, take a few moments to send your contact details to us and a member of the team will contact you.


Have you been asking your landlord to fix issues at your home?

Have they failed to repair them?

In a few simple steps, Tenant Housing Repair Rights can assess if you have grounds to make you landlord repair your home.

We provide a completely free services and will put you in touch with the our friendly legal professionals, who will ensure you get the repairs done to you home you deserve.

Register you details and information about the items you have been asking your landlord to repair.


You can be sure we won’t use your information for marketing purposes.


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