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Have you ever been sat in a packed car in cold weather, notice how the windows become quickly full of condensation, especially if no windows are open and there is no fresh air flowing through?

The same can also happen in your home in the Winter. Whilst the temperature of the house is a lot warmer than the temperature outside, the more people that are in the house inhaling and exhaling, including animals can add to any existing condensation issue.

Humans breathe in on average 1400L of air a day and around 400ml of water is lost per day from exhaling, the more moisture that is in the air the more likely it is that you will get condensation. As a result, this trapped air only makes the problem worse causing condensation on windows and walls.

Now, we are not saying that you should stop breathing! But there are some things you can do in your home to prevent the build up of extra condensation in the Winter months.

  • Use extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen, especially whilst showering, bathing and cooking.
  • Open your windows for a bit of time throughout the day to circulate the air.
  • Turn the heating up a little bit especially on those colder days.
  • Keep doors shut whilst showering or bathing, and after you have finished using the bathroom, this will stop moist air finding its way around the house.
  • Clean you windows regularly of condensation, you could use towels, kitchen roll or even a squeegee.
  • Try not to dry your clothes on radiators, instead hang them outside or on clothes maidens, the moisture from the damp clothes will rise into the air and cause condensation on walls and windows.
  • Talk to your landlord or housing association about perhaps putting extra vents around the house if your have a particularly bad condensation issue in your home.

If your extractor fans do not work, or you have problems with your windows not opening, or your vents are not allowing air to flow properly then talk to your landlord or housing association and explain to them that the condensation problem could cause more problems such as damp and mould if not rectified.

And if you have problems with your landlord or housing association not working to solve your issues and you feel like you are being ignored then please get in touch with Tenant Housing Repair Rights today and see how we can help.


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