About us

Tenant Housing Repair Rights was set up due to the lack of support and help available for social and private tenants alike.

There are thousands upon thousands of tenants living in homes that are full of disrepair nationwide, it makes life miserable; we understand how much is can impact your life, physical and mental health.

The problem is too many housing associations and landlords put off or neglect to repair and make right all the issues in their properties.

Tenant Housing Repair Rights have a panel of trusted solicitors who specialise in Housing Disrepair cases and will assist you from start to finish in getting those repairs carried out to your home.
We are a free non for-profit organisation, we are here to provide information, answer questions, point you in the right direction and get your landlord to repair the issues.


Have you been asking your landlord to fix issues at your home?

Have they failed to repair them?

In a few simple steps, Tenant Housing Repair Rights can assess if you have grounds to make you landlord repair your home.

We provide a completely free services and will put you in touch with the our friendly legal professionals, who will ensure you get the repairs done to you home you deserve.

Register you details and information about the items you have been asking your landlord to repair.


You can be sure we won’t use your information for marketing purposes.


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