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Different kinds of damp

It is the one word that everyone dreads ‘damp’. You may have experienced damp already at some point or another your home, but did you know there are many different types of damp? In this article we will explain the different kinds of damp you would likely find in the home and how you can… Continue reading Different kinds of damp

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Mr Jones from Manchester

Mr Jones from Manchester was having issues with mould and damp in his rented home. After contacting his Social Housing Association for assistance several times for help in resolving the issues, he found that nothing was getting done and the problem was getting worse. Worried for the health of his family, and desperate for help,… Continue reading Mr Jones from Manchester

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Blown and Damaged Windows

Ever wondered what causes the mist between windows?Perhaps you have some windows like this in your home?The fogging can seem to get worse then go away, then come back. It can be particularly bad in colder weather, this is a big indication that you have what is called a ‘blown seal’.Moisture can collect between a… Continue reading Blown and Damaged Windows

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What damage can leaky gutters do to your home?

Do you or your landlord regularly check on your guttering? If not, then now would be a good time to sort that out now the UK rainy winter is here! When your gutters leak, this means they are not doing what they were designed to do. This can result in various amounts of damage to… Continue reading What damage can leaky gutters do to your home?

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How to clean a small amount of mould in your home

If you have identified a small amount of mould in your home, it is possible you can remove this yourself following some of the tips below. However, only try and remove mould yourself if it is caused by condensation and covers an area less that 1 metre squared, do not try to remove the mould… Continue reading How to clean a small amount of mould in your home

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Dangers of drying clothes on radiators

Experts have found that clothes put on drying frames or draped over warm radiators raise moisture levels in our homes by up to 30 per cent, creating ideal breeding conditions for mould spores – and one called aspergillus fumigatus, which can cause potentially fatal lung infections. Scientists warn that people could be helping mould to… Continue reading Dangers of drying clothes on radiators