Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me? 💷

We offer a free service, and if you have a right to claim, we will put you in touch with a legal team to get a claim against your disrepair along with compensation. Legal teams are based on a no win no fee basis.


Is it just for social tenants or can you do private tenants too? 🤷‍♀️

We can help both, it isn’t just for social housing tenants.


What happens when I have filled the form out? 💻

When you have filled out our online form, we will contact you to discuss the items your landlord has not repaired, assess you case, then this will be sent to our legal team who will review if you have a case or not, this doesn’t usually take too long and you should hear back from us quite soon after you have submitted the form.


What is classed as disrepair? 🛠

If you have a look at some of our articles on and on our facebook page you will see the main theme of Housing Disrepair is anything from damp walls, mould, a dodgy boiler or electrics and leaks to a rat infestation! These are things your landlord or housing association should be dealing with, but, as we see in many cases, they fail to do so, that is where we come in!


Tenant Housing Repair Rights is a free non for profit organisation to assist tenants with landlords not repairing issues in their home.

We are here to provide information and hopefully clearer understanding on the main repairing obligations of landlords.


Have you been asking your landlord to fix issues at your home?

Have they failed to repair them?

In a few simple steps, Tenant Housing Repair Rights can assess if you have grounds to make you landlord repair your home.

We provide a completely free services and will put you in touch with the our friendly legal professionals, who will ensure you get the repairs done to you home you deserve.

Register you details and information about the items you have been asking your landlord to repair.


You can be sure we won’t use your information for marketing purposes.


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