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Infestations in the home

Infestations in the home – who is responsible for dealing with it?   Occasionally, disrepair in the home can lead to infestations i.e. ants, mice, rats etc Infestations refer to pests and vermin in the home which cause distress, affect the health and safety of the tenants or are a general nuisance. It is not… Continue reading Infestations in the home

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Have you ever been sat in a packed car in cold weather, notice how the windows become quickly full of condensation, especially if no windows are open and there is no fresh air flowing through? The same can also happen in your home in the Winter. Whilst the temperature of the house is a lot… Continue reading Condensation

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Should you use bleach to kill mould?

Should you use bleach to kill mould? The short answer is no. You may have come across some mould somewhere in your house, and you think to yourself, ‘well I can clean that with a bit of bleach, bleach kills everything! Right?!’ Wrong. Bleach is a chemical, it is corrosive, the gas from bleach can… Continue reading Should you use bleach to kill mould?

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Is your home Winter ready?

Winter is here, dark nights, freezing temperatures, wet and windy weather. When we leave the house, we wrap up warm, hat, scarf, gloves, umbrella and a thick coat. So, if we spend that much time getting ourselves winter ready, why not our homes!? There are some small things you can do now to help protect… Continue reading Is your home Winter ready?